About Peter Harris

Disclaimer: I am only a philosopher, amateur though partially initiated into the ‘disciplinary matrix’ of academic rigour through doing an MA (1990-95) in the subject at Auckland University. I did not, however, subscribe or submit to the ‘western analytic’ approach then current. I was and remain a convinced ‘systematic’ philosopher. That is, I seek the holy grail of a general theory of Everything apart from Physics, ie a complete Metaphysics, which of course has to ‘fit’ with physics (assuming the current physics is correct). Analysis, of course, is vital part of this quest. It fits mostly into the Yellow Phase. (Though process is fractal and there are all the phases in a minor form within each of the major phases.)

I have some ‘mathematics envy’, but do believe I can appreciate, if not follow rigorously, the theorems of maths and reason about their metaphysical side, so to speak. In particular, Godel’s incompleteness theorems.

This sites for me a long-delayed journey of the mind into the intelligible realm, the concept of the Transcendental Order, and the logical theory of God, or if you like ‘natural theology’ – although the word ‘natural’ assumes that thought itself is natural, which if you assume the natural to be the same as physical, is a highly dubious assumption. As CS Lewis in Miracles argues so lucidly, if thought is to do what we think it does, then ‘natural’, ie determined by the laws of physics, is just what it cannot be! It must be, in some way, consciously determined by the laws of logic, or reason, if it is to be valid at all.

For more on the ‘public’ side of me as the ‘wizard of Eutopia’, artist, writer, blogger, defender of the True West, etc, see my general blog Wizard of Eutopia