A category list for the posts

Ok so I outlined that the posts will be divided by me as I do them into the four phases. But we need a meta category, where posts about the whole site and its structure and the health of its writer/s, can be ‘put’.

Also need an about the writer/s page, maybe

And a ‘list of philosophers’ – and one page just for Godel, and for Peirce.

So it’s getting there. In my ‘spare time’… The whole quest is a subsection of my ambitions when studying philosophy. I wanted to develop a theory of how to build a fractal, evolving theory database; i wanted to build a theory of all process per se; and I wanted to investigate the Transcendental Order, the nature and reality of God, theory of mind, ontology; ie to DO some metaphysics of a Platonist kind (is there really any other?!).