Site ‘map’

This website is a ‘sacred space’ for recording abstract thoughts and meditations in the mental levels, up to the most mystical, as posts, then then ordering them, as a (relatively) static Home Page.

These thought posts are ordered by the wordpress Category option, into 4 main categories, the 4 dynamic phases.

The Home page is the main place where I will build up the 5th, static phase, which is a representation of the order produced by successive iterations of the 4 dynamic phases. For more on this theory of process see 4phase In brief:

Phase 1, the ‘Blue Phase’, is Input, openness, Love, listening, factfinding 

Phase 2, the Green Phase, is Novelty, Beauty, hypothesis, guessing, visioning.

Phase 3, the Yellow Phase, is reaction, Truth, logic, pros and cons, evaluation.

Phase 4, the Red Phase, is Output, Freedom, defence, action.

And Phase 5, the Purple Zone,  is the sum of all past iterations of these 4.

I hope this site will be an aid for constructing a system of ideas about the intelligible, ‘transfinite’ realms and how to access them within the mind.

Quote from Godel: ‘Either mathematics is too big for the human mind, or the human mind is more than a machine.’